Tuesday, 11 June 2013

7 Smart Ways Small Businesses Can Use QR Codes

According to research done earlier this year, more than half of Americans have smartphones. While using a QR code may have been cutting edge in 2011, this form of mobile marketing is finally starting to reach the masses in 2012. Most consumers are familiar with the funny-looking, black-and-white codes and already have an app to scan them on the go.
QR codes are a great way to promote your small business, but knowing where to place them to maximize your exposure is a problem for some. Here are a few great ideas:  
1. Your Business Card: Business cards usually only contain a small amount of basic information, but by placing a QR code on there, you can let potential customers see what you have to offer with a single scan. It could link to a resume or a special deal for new customers.
2. Newspaper Ads: People tend to clip ads out of the newspaper, which can easily become lost or trashed. Placing a QR code in your copy will allow readers to scan immediately rather than trying to save it for a later time.
3. Classifieds Ads: The vast majority of classified ads charge by the number of words you use, so placing a QR code can save you a little bit of money, especially if posting in more than one place.
4. Brochures/menus: Print media has always been an effective way of advertising, but the problem is that it tends to be costly. Placing a QR code on there can allow you to get a bigger bang for your buck. It also allows customers to save the information to their device rather than tossing a costly flier in the trash.
5. Your Store Window: This isn’t just a perfect spot for customers coming in and out of your store; it’s also a great way for people to get information about your business when the store is closed. With that in mind, stick a code on your closed sign, or stick them on the floor of the mall to help people find their way to your location.
6. Inside Your Store: This is where you can have some fun with your QR codes. You can place them in strategic areas of your store, with customers receiving rewards and discounts when they find them. You can also place them on some of your products so that the customers get a little more information about each item. That little bit of info might be enough to push them to buy.
7. Yard Signs: If you’re a contractor that uses yard signs while working on location, then adding a QR code can really help boost your business. Neighbors walking by and drivers at the stop sign may be interested in your service, giving them the ability to scan that code will make it easy for them to connect with your business before they move on and forget. QR codes allow you to capture the customer while you have their interest!
Have you used a QR code campaign to promote your business or that of a client? Leave a comment and share what worked for you!

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